Profiling & Assessment

Taylor Made Coaching Solutions offers a range of Leadership Profiling and Assessment services.

We believe strongly in only recommending and using validated profiling and assessment instruments and tools, backed by peer-reviewed research, sound scientific theoretical underpinnings that can be explained to clients, and extensive real-world experiences. We have researched and used a range of tools and have determined that in our experience and for the outcomes and objectives desired by the organisations and leaders we work with, the best tools for assessing leadership and workplace capability and potential are the Hogan Assessment Systems™  suite of instruments.

Our Principal Consultant and Associates are accredited practitioners in the Hogan Assessment Systems™ personality profile instruments  and multi-rater surveys which provide leaders, managers, high potential and talented individuals, and leadership teams with detailed analysis of leadership and workplace capabilities, characteristics, strengths, derailers, motivations, and values. Our profiling and assessment services include administration of assessments, debriefing and feedback, and customised coaching to further develop leadership capability.

We are accredited to administer the following Leadership Profiling and Assessment instruments.

Analysis and Debriefing

Expert analysis and skilled and sensitive debriefing of Leadership and Workplace Profiling and Assessment Services is mandatory. We have heard many stories from clients about unpleasant experiences they have had when undertaking 360° feedback in the past either with or without a qualified consultant, and/or when undertaking psychometric assessments that are not validated and do not accurately measure performance or capability in the workplace. Expert analysis and debriefing ensures that clients have a positive experience that is rewarding, insightful and motivating.

Individuals who undertake any of our Profiling and Assessment services receive expert analysis and debriefing of their results by an accredited and certified Hogan Assessment Systems™ practitioner with postgraduate qualifications in Coaching Psychology or cognate discipline. Analysis and debriefing is conducted within the context of current and future roles, organisational culture, career planning,  professional development, and relevant workplace and business issues in mind. Individuals receive electronic copies of the respective reports relevant to the Profiling Inventories and Assessment Instruments they have undertaken.