The Hogan 360° is a multi-rater feedback instrument designed to facilitate insight amongst Leaders at all levels about how their peers, managers and direct reports view their performance.

The Hogan 360° provides leaders with data in relation to their reputation at work, and measures perceptions of leadership capability across four leadership domains critical to leadership performance and success:

  • Working in the Business – Capability, Efficiency, Achieving Results, Engaging;
  • Working on the Business – Accountability, Motivation, Strategy, Innovation;
  • Managing Relationships – Communication, People Skills, Team Player, Customers/Clients;
  • Managing Self – Integrity, Resilience.

The Hogan 360° also maps across to the domains contained within HoganLead and HoganDevelop. When used in combination with HoganLead or HoganDevelop, the Hogan 360° provides a more complete picture of the impact of an individual’s leadership style, including strengths and potential derailers, and becomes a powerful tool for providing strategic self-awareness and building strategies for making desired behavioural changes for increased performance and success.

Individuals undertaking the Hogan 360° with Taylor Made Coaching Solutions receive expert debriefing and analysis by an accredited Hogan Assessment Systems™ practitioner and the Hogan 360° Report that documents their results.