Taylor Made Coaching Solutions are experts in developing and enhancing Leadership capability and performance. We are committed to providing leaders with evidence-based approaches to enhance strategic self-awareness of existing strengths and potential derailers, and building leadership capability with respect to Managing Relationships, Managing Self, Executive Stamina and Resilience, Efficiency, Strategic Visioning, Achieving Results, Motivating and Engaging Others, Innovating, and Establishing and Sustaining Accountability.

We pride ourselves on supporting leaders to perform at their best, improve their workplace engagement and wellbeing, develop meaningful career plans, and enhance their capability for leading others, cultivating and sustaining high performing teams, and creating organisational cultures that are great places to work, are innovative, focused on delivering outstanding products and services for clients/customers, and achieve organisational objectives.

Our range of Leadership Services and Solutions includes:

  • Executive Coaching – individual, top team coaching, and group executive coaching;
  • Leadership Profiling & Assessment Services – we are an accredited practitioner in the Hogan Assessment Systems™ personality profile instruments  and the Hogan 360° ™ which provide leaders with detailed analysis of leadership capabilities, characteristics, strengths, derailers, and values. Our profiling and assessment services include administration of assessments, debriefing and feedback, and customised coaching to further develop leadership capability;
  • Professional Leadership Development Programs – we deliver customised programs for executives, middle/ frontline managers, executive/management teams wanting to develop their skills and knowledge in relation to a range of leadership capabilities including employee engagement, motivating others, challenging poor performance, leveraging innovation, building high performance teams, promoting positive workplace culture and turning non-productive into constructive conflict.

All of our Leadership Services and Solutions are “taylor made” to suit individual/organisational requirements, context and desired objectives. For further information on any of our Leadership Services and Solutions or to discuss a “taylor made” solution please contact us.