Executive Coaching

Taylor Made Coaching Solutions delivers a range of Executive Coaching packages designed to support leaders further develop leadership competencies, design career plans, accelerate career development and learning, enhance executive stamina and resilience, develop strategies for managing one’s derailers under pressure,  supporting and leading others to achieve results, cultivate high performing teams, and build great organisational and team culture.

What is Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is a collaborative, solutions-focused, results-oriented, systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, self-directed learning, and personal and professional growth of the client. Coaching essentially takes the form of a conversation between the client and their coach. To learn more about Executive Coaching refer to What is Coaching?

Types of Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching for Leaders generally takes one of three different types of coaching engagements.

Skills Coaching

This type of coaching engagement is designed to work on improving specific skill sets (e.g. public speaking, running effective meetings, managing a challenging employee). For this type of engagement we would recommend a minimum of three sessions. However, further sessions may be advised depending on the particular circumstances and organisational context the leader operates within.

Performance Coaching

This type of coaching engagement is designed to support leaders/managers improve their performance over a specified period of time. Leaders/managers are supported to develop strategic self-awareness in how they are currently undertaking leadership tasks and responsibilities, identify desired outcomes and performance goals, develop strategies and approaches to striving for and achieving outcomes/goals, and monitor, evaluate and review progress and improvement.  This type of coaching may result from identified developmental areas following a performance review/appraisal, 360° feedback, leadership assessment (psychometric or self-assessment) or may form an introduction to Executive Coaching prior to undertaking more robust Developmental Coaching. Generally for this type of engagement we recommend between six to thirteen sessions to be delivered over three to twelve months and with optional Leadership Profiling included.

Executive Developmental Coaching

This type of coaching is designed to assist leaders develop a broader strategic self-awareness of their style, strengths and potential derailers and explores personal and professional development issues at a deeper and more intimate level. Developmental Executive Coaching typically consists of a minimum of thirteen sessions, over twelve months to eighteen months, as an initial engagement and in combination with Leadership Profiling and Assessment. Throughout the engagement leaders are supported by their coach to enhance their capability in relation to a range of leadership competencies appropriate for their development, roles, and organisational context. These competencies can include managing emotions more effectively, developing greater emotional competencies, managing workplace relationships effectively, developing greater executive stamina and resilience, engaging and retaining staff, building high performance cultures, managing under-performance issues, developing and communicating strategic vision, public and/or board level/senior executive presentation, and building confidence.

Which Coaching Package?

We design leadership executive coaching packages for individual clients, as well as small and large teams of leaders, and group programs across organisations. When you contact Taylor Made Coaching Solutions we will find out more about you and your requirements, organisational context, and objectives and recommend which of our “taylor made” coaching packages would serve you best. For further information on our Executive Coaching Services or to discuss a “taylor made” coaching package please contact us.