For emerging and frontline level managers, high potential and talented individuals, graduates, and individual contributors we recommend HoganDevelop. This suite of psychometric assessments is designed to assess workplace competencies, behaviours, values, and motivations and provides individuals with a deep understanding of preferences, styles, drives, triggers and responses to workplace challenges, and how these impact workplace relationships, communication preferences, and workplace stamina and resilience.

HoganDevelop provides individuals with insights into the three personality domains that are predictive of ongoing workplace performance and future success: behaviours and competencies on the bright side of personality (how we relate to others when we are at our best), the inside of personality (the values and preferences that motivate us to succeed and the types of roles/workplace situations/ environments/cultures for which we are most suited), and the dark side of personality (those traits, situations and behaviours that at times of increased pressure pose performance risks, can disrupt workplace relationships, and damage reputation).

Individuals undertaking HoganDevelop with Taylor Made Coaching Solutions receive expert analysis and debriefing of their results by an accredited Hogan Assessment Systems™ practitioner and in the context of current role, career planning and professional development.

Individuals also receive the suite of HoganDevelop Reports: Insight HPI Report (bright side of personality), Insight MVPI Report (inside of personality),  and the Insight HDS Report (dark side of personality).